Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ACADEMIC - The Barbican

Today we went to the Barbican Library which is in the City of London (AKA the center) and is surrounded by the Barbican Complex, built up in the 60s after years of deciding what to do with the space flattened by the Blitz.

The library is like a public library in the states but very spacious with specialized Children and Music libraries. There are display cases throughout the library, one in particular that I liked focused on poverty in London in the 1800s. There was a "descriptive map of London poverty in 1889" in the case. It was interesting to look at.

I bring this up because public libraries can enrich the lives of the poor better than almost any other government or other funded institution. In today's time we are facing an economic crisis, but it is not a reason to deny libraries the resources they need to strive. People and libraries coexist in times of hardship and plenty. Also, in poor times where else can a person access the information they need to in order to better their situation?

I enjoyed exploring the library on my own (we had no guided tour) and seeing how public libraries operate here in the UK. To learn more about the Barbican Library, click here.

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