Friday, July 24, 2009

ACADEMIC: CMS Cameron McKenna

Today was an independent research day so I visited CMS Cameron McKenna, a law firm with an office in London. I met with one of the librarians there, James Mullan. I read James' blog The Running Librarian back home and I think it's interesting and links to some other great stuff so I'm really happy he agreed to meet with me.

We chatted about what he does for his firm and what I do for Stites. I was interested in using social apps and Web 2.0 in the work place. I liked what he told me about RSS feeds for routing and having a firm blog. We talked about databases we use and some other resources. He also told me about the organization of the library and who works there. I think it's been one of the most informational visits for me since he does what I do. He also gave me a tour of the firm's library. I like how open of a space it is and that there is a place to eat in the library. I thought of my cubicle back home, piling with mail and filings, and the little drawer I stuff food into. I wish we could reorganize but the way the building where I work is set up I don't think anything like that is possible. I also liked that there was a computer station for someone to access the catalog on and that there was a seperate space for the messes that tend to pile up and stay out of public view. Again, I thought of my cubicle... I guess it is tucked away from mostly everyone's view.

He also advised me to visit CILIP while I am here and see what they are about. I will be doing that soon.

For me this was a great chance to talk to someone who works in the same kind of library I do back in Kentucky and to make another library friend.

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