Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ACADEMIC - Museum of London

Today our class visited the Museum of London. Our lecture was given by Jon Cotton who is one of the senior curators of the museum and one of the people in charge of the "London Before London" gallery. It's a prehistoric exhibit that focuses on the people living in London before the Romans came and turned Londinium into an urban center. It was very interesting. I liked how he spoke of the challenge of educating tourists and Londoners at the same time. His goal in the exhibit was to present the people of prehistory as actual people and not caveman or whatever images we think of. I think the exhibit does a great job of that, especially with the tools of the people. I saw some beads that were used as jewelry and that, for whatever reason, made me think of what life must have been like for the prehistoric London lady.

The Museum also has great exhibits on the Great Fire, the Black Plague and Tudor London. I liked listening to Old and Middle English and trying to figure out what was being said. The museum was incorporated by Parliament in 1965 and holds over 2 million objects in it's collection.

My favorite thing about this visit was the giant photographs taken by Tom Hunter. Click here for a sample. My favorite pic isn't featured but the ones in there are also stunning. To learn more about the Museum of London, click here.

After the museum visit we went to the Barbican and had lunch. I had a great sandwich and potatoes in greek yogurt. It was actually really good. I also met an attorney there who is going to introduce me to the librarians at her firm. Yay!

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  1. this might be the coolest thing you've spoke of so far