Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ACADEMIC - National Archives of Scotland

Today we visited the National Archives of Scotland, our last official vist to a library as a class.

The Archives aims to keep all Scottish records, and has three buildings to help them achieve this goal. I am amazed at how organized this system is and that it has been seen as something important to the government. It was government started and funded by the government since the 1770s (it formally became a government agency in 1993)... such a wealth of records is found there.

The Archives helps maintain serveral websites that help people with research. One main objective of the Archives is to aid in people with geneology work. This really struck a chord with me because growing up Mormon I've always believed that family history is something important. Our tour guide, Maggie, actually said that couples from Utah come to Edinburgh for a year and take digital pictures of records that they get to use for the Church's database. So I'm assuming that's the older missionary couples that she was talking about.

We were shown several different examples of the Archive's materials. There was a mortgage loan book detailing Scots buying property in Mississippi, a fragile cook book, woman's sufferage documents, etc. We were also shown the internet sites/databases the Archive helps manage. It was a great visit but a sad one because it's the last one we will do as a class.

For more information about the National Archives of Scotland, go here.

Picture from http://www.nas.gov.uk/about/default.asp

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