Monday, July 13, 2009

ACADEMIC POST - St. Paul's Library

If you click on the picture to enlarge it you'll see that there is something really wrong with my pants. I look stange and sloppy and mannish, what is wrong with me? lol

These posts are ones directed towards my teacher for our reflective journal assignment but everyone else should enjoy reading them as well because libraries make the world go round.

Today we visited the St. Paul's Cathedral Library which is located on the second floor and is not something that most visitors get to see. Our tour was given by Joe Wisdom who is the librarian there and a charming and knowledgable man. I was impressed by his ability to answer any question thrown at him, and the fact that he loved being asked questions but that shouldn't surprise me since he is a librarian.

One thing he said that struck me was, "Every building is a text." He meant this in a lot of ways: the architecture and the context of how you work in a building. It made me thing of my tiny cubicle at Stites blocked off by book carts. He advised us to read the libraries we work in as a text of thier own. My workplace text may not be the lovliest but I'll spend more time reading it and trying to learn from it. He also said that he thinks libraries with high ceilings are best because your thoughts can go up and up. I like that idea.

The library holds many old items and so conservation is a giant mission of the library. Inside the library was old and haunting in a very "I could study here for hours" sort of way. I hope that one day I get to work in a library with that look and smell and feel but I probably never will in the field of law.

Mr. Wisdom also advised to mark the texts we own, because often the thoughts of the owner of a book add so much to the work. Many of the volumes in his collection would not be the same without annotations. The library's collections focus mostly on theology and works of previous deans.

I really enjoyed this as our first visit and will be holding all the others to a pretty high standard thanks to the hospitality and educational value of Mr. Wisdom's lecture. To learn more about the St. Paul's Cathedral Library, click here.


  1. I really tried to find something weird about your pants, but no they look normal... Joe Wisdom has to be a made up name sorry to be a hater.