Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today has been a very eventful day. It started with the first class meeting and orientation, which was really boring. The program director spoke a lot about date rape, which is scary but I think he was talking more to the undergrads who are much younger and may be in a more dangerous position than someone like me.

After that I went with some friends to a little restaurant in the Waterloo station and had a panini with chicken and pesto. I also had coke with lemon, which was good. Some may think it's strange that I'm recording what I eat but I'm on weight watchers so it's a habit.

After that I went on one of the program's London Alive walks. Our leaders were a married couple. The woman is from London and her husband is from Kentucky! They were so nice and informative and helpful. We walked through the South Bank of the Thames, then on to the West End where there are a lot of theatres. We walked through Chinatown in Soho and Picadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. We stopped at a shop to get Fish and Chips. The chips here are so good. They are softer in the middle, because they are like big wedges. It was like eating french fries and mashed potatos! So yummy. I put a lot of vinegar and salt on mine and my teacher was glad since most of the other people didn't do that. We also walked down Brick Lane which has all these thrift stores that I want to spend more time in. Seriously people dress so much better here and I feel a little outdated or shall I say "American." Either way I want to be a little more posh here.

After the walk I met up with some friends and we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. It's the original or "authentic" one. I got to see a lot of cool stuff there and had a pretty decent burger. Also, I lost my umbrella there or it was stolen... oh well they sell umbrellas at every corner here.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired and will write more later but I wanted to remember all I got into today.

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  1. "posh"... hhahah you're turning into victoria beckham! /jeal