Monday, July 27, 2009

Dalkeith and Scotland Day 1

This is my second night in Scotland. So far I love it. We are staying at Dalkeith which is an estate about 7 miles outside of Edinburgh. Its a little bit like summer camp. We stay in rooms of 4 or 6 or so and we share a bathroom with only 2 stalls for about 20 girls. There are tons of hallways, staircases, empty dressers and it's creepy. There are stories of ghosts here. It's in the country though, so I get to experience some actual darkness as opposed to the always burning lights of London. We have to take the bus into town and its a little confusing but I'm sure I'll survive.

Yesterday we just tooled around Dalkeith, a great little town. We ate at an Italian restaurant to celebrate Chai's birthday. The house where we are staying has a movie room with lots of movies so we watched 10 Things I Hate About You and called it a night.

Today we went to Edinburgh which is a great city! Everything is so old! All the streets have cobblestone and there are entertainers on the streets. I think the best part of my day was the people watching I got to do.

Bookie, Chai, Christina, Jenn and I went to the St. Gile's Cathedral. There was a stained glass window depicting the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors, which is my favorite story from the Bible. The building was beautiful. We went to the cafe and had a great lunch. I had a jacket potato, which is just a baked potato and you get to choose what toppings you want stuffed in it. I got carrots, cheese and tomatoes... yummy. Everyone else got Shepherd's Pie which looked delicious. Bookie got a ginger cake that she let me eat some big bites of, because that's just what she does. Yes, I've been adopted while in the UK. Which is great, since when we get home she can still take check in on me and let me bum some food from time to time.

After our library visits, Bookie and I went to the Palace of Holyrood House. This is where the Queen stays when she is in Scotland. WOW. I am so taken back by the beauty surrounding the Palace and how stunning it is inside. Pictures aren't allowed and I got some postcards but no justice is done to the interior. One room is a gallery of portraits that made me gasp when I entered the room. It's hard to believe that for part of the year anyone actually lives there. It's a museum practically. Part of the rooms are dedicated to Mary Queen of Scots and her story, which I didn't know much about. It was really interesting to see everything in the Palace. Outside are the ruins of an Abbey that were haunting and beautiful and the Queen's Garden. I thought I had seen some great gardens, but this was like stepping into the Secret Garden or something. I took some pictures and I'll post when I can but being there is what actually takes your breath away.

Afterwards, we ate at a local pub (I didn't try Haggis yet and I don't know if I will...). Then we got lost on the local bus and finally got home after running to catch another bus. Bookie let me take a shower in her hotel room (she's not roughing it in the haunted house withs us) because I've carried her bag around Scotland the last day or so. Now I'm here in Dalkeith hunting ghosts!


  1. haggis sounds kind of gross but you should still try it to say you did