Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dirty Dancing

So I wasn't sure what show I wanted to see while I was in London but it didn't take much for Christina to convince me to see Dirty Dancing. I love the movie. I used to watch it everyday.

This wasn't a musical. It was "the classic set on stage" so it was like watching the movie all over again. There were a few things that were different but they stuck to the movie mostly, especially with the dancing. It was so great! It was so hot! Racier than the movie, but only because you were watching real people dancing and being sensual. It was a great atmosphere. At the end they played music and let the audience dance in thier seats. It was so much fun.

The singing was done by only a few castmembers but it was excellent. The actors who played Johnny and Baby did a great job too. They did a really good job casting people that looked like the characters in the movie. Maybe I was sitting too far back but it could have been the original cast.

Christina said after the show was over that she wished she could have a summer love. I think that's why I love this movie and now this show. The idea of meeting someone one summer that totally changes your life is something I wish for. It's like a fantasy. This show put me back in that fantasy and was worth the £33 to go.

Also, I sat by a German family that may have not totally known what was going on the whole time. Hilarious.

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