Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh is this rush hour?

So I have made it to London in one piece. I got really lucky and was able to talk to people willing to help me and forgive my stupid American-ness. I arrived here at 6:30 AM BST and got through customs really fast. I converted some money, took a train and hailed a cab all by myself. I was nervous about the cab, about tipping him. The driver was so nice, he asked me all these questions and told me about where he was driving me.

I'm still in shock about it. When I got to London from the airport it was about 8 AM and there were people EVERYWHERE and cars everywhere and the streets look so small and people will push you when you are just standing around trying to look up the address you need to get to.

I asked the driver, "Oh is this rush hour?" and he told me that we were in the thick of things and he drove all crazy and got me where I needed to be real fast. He pulled a U turn in the middle of Stamford street which is a pretty busy place. I liked him. I didn't wear a seatbelt.

OK so the keyboard here has the @ sign where the " usually is. It's freaking me out. Also, I still haven't figured out the pound notes yet so when I buy stuff I just give the cashier some money and hope it works out. I checked into the dorm and slept for maybe 2 hours then I walked around on my own some. I found a grocery store and got a few things.

Walking around London is so great because people wear whatever they want and all the girls wear cute little flats! I belong here. Also when I talk people look at me like I am the one with the cute accent not the other way around.

No pics yet but there will be some soon. I took a walk with my class around the Thames and ate at a pizza place that was so good! The weather is great here, in the 70s during the day. It seems like there was always a breeze which is nice since we do not have AC in the rooms. It rains a lot though.

I know this blog makes no sense but I'm blaming it on jet lag. I love it here. I really really really love it. I can't explain how pretty and old and loud it is here.

I will share some funny things to me. I love the red buses and the ads they have on them for movies. I saw a bus with a sign for The Hangover and I put one finger up in the air and shouted "WOLFPACK OF ONE!" and some guy laughed at me. Seriously this jet lag is messing me up. But the sign was just really cool. Also I saw a cute guy at the grocery (there are a lot of cute cute guys here..........) and he smiled at me. I said hey and I called him "shorts" because he was wearing skinny black shorts.

Anyway, more to come later on at some time in the future you know?


  1. first of all: i'm SOOOO jealous you're in london! but i'm glad it's you there and not someone i don't like, cos otherwise i'd be bitter jealous (even though you get to see HP IN london).

    second, i checked the weather for london earlier on wii and it said rainy and 68. (i think).

    third, i miss you! take lots of pictures, and you don't have to get me a present, just send take pictures at the london premiere of harry potter!

    third, i miss you.

  2. The premiere happened before I got here but the film isn't released until the 15th like in the states.