Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rosslyn Chapel

Today is our last day in Scotland so Dr. Welsh took Christina, Rachel and me to Rosslyn Chapel. If you have ever seen The Da Vinci Code this is the small chapel where the movie ends. Our tour guide informed us of how wrong the depiction of the chapel was in some of the scenes though... and there is no room with Jesus' bloodline records at the bottom.

Anyway this chapel is still amazing. There are so many interesting carvings, including some of American plants which suggests the Scots discovered America before Columbus. After touring the chapel we went down a little path and took some pictures of the countryside (which is breathtaking) and some castle ruins. We ate at a great little pub there and I got a steak sandwhich. It was such a fun day trip!

I love how friendly people are in Scotland! Really, everyone wants to help us get to where we are going and I haven't felt unwelcome at all. It's a little sad to be leaving this place.

I'm writing this from The Elephant House, which is where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter. It has a laid back vibe and I like how they don't have Harry all over the place around here. It feels like how it might have when JK Rowling was scribbling on napkins or whatever.

Nicole and I will be leaving here soon to go on a ghost tour that ends at the most haunted pub in Scotland!!!

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