Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stratford Wanderings

Before the library a group of us (Bookie, Kendra, Christina, Nicole and I) went to a restaurant called Cafe Pasta. I got the ravioli special. It was so good.

After our visit to the library, Chistina and I roamed around Stratford which is really small. We ended up at The Oppo for dinner with Bookie which was a lot of fun. I got a burger so no picture but Bookie got this dessert called Sticky Toffee Pudding or something like that. It was so good! It was like a little cake surrounded by caramel and topped with ice cream. It melts in your mouth.

Then the whole group went to the Courtyard Theatre to see the RSC production of As You Like It. I thought it was really good and I wasn't bothered by the fact that they skinned a real rabbit on stage. The actors were all so great. The guy who played Jaques looked like Gene Wilder and the actor playing Touchstone was my favorite. He was hilarious. All of the actors were good at engaging the audience while still performing the play. I loved it.

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