Sunday, July 19, 2009


After Stonehenge, we traveled to Winchester which a long time ago used to be a major urban center in England. We got to go to Winchester Cathedral and visit the grave of Jane Austen. The building is beautiful and there were monuments and books of names of people who have died in different wars. It made me a little sad. I wanted to see the Winchester Bible but the library is closed on Sundays :(

Before the Cathedral, I went to Royal Oaks pub with Christina and a couple who helped guide us on the trip. Royal Oaks is supposedly the oldest pub in England but who knows. I got the Sunday "roast" which is a Sunday tradition in England. Basically it's roast beef or chicken (it was beef today) with potatoes, vegetables, and something called Yorkshire Pudding. It's like a pancake. The food tasted great and I've discovered I really like coke with a little ice and a lemon wedge in it. Our conversation was great and I learned that I have a great English accent... when I am trying to impersonate an Australian person.

We took a walk and visited the house where Jane Austen died. It's a private residence so you can't go in. We walked over to the Great Hall and saw the Round Table. It's on the wall which is fine but I guess I thought I was going to sit next to it or something. Just one of the many touristy silly ideas I've had while I've been here.

Winchester was great because it is so old and the streets are so small and the whole time I could hear bells. Maybe because it's Sunday. We visited a nice garden outside the Great Hall and I took a picture by the Law Courts, but I'm not sure why they are significant if they are.

Now I'm back at the dorms exhausted, not sure what to do the rest of the day. Tomorrow I travel once again to Greenwich because I can't get enough of it!

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