Monday, August 3, 2009

ACADEMIC - Marsh Library

The Marsh Library was Ireland's first public library, founded in 1701, and still serves that purpose though the library no longer collects books. There are over 25,000 books in the collection, all from the 16-18th centuries. The books are stored on oak bookcases and the order of the books has remained the same since the library first opened. The library is run as a charity but has recieved some governmental funding in order to improve reader services.

Kendra came along with me and we got to enjoy an exhibition entitled "Beware the Jabberwock!" of animal books within the library. It's so much fun to see drawings and descriptions of animals from the 17th century and beyond.

The library smelled of old books and the floors creaked and there was a whole case about Jonathan Swift there. It's the place where he wrote Gulliver's Travels apparently. The Marsh Library is located next to St. Patrick's Cathedral. The library is open to visitors for a small fee. For more information click here.

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