Monday, August 3, 2009

ACADEMIC - National Library of Ireland

On my first day in Dublin I visited the National Library of Ireland. I wasn't shown a tour but the nice staff there let me see the reading room. It's gorgeous... no pictures allowed though. This library also puts on great exhibitions. I went to the one celebrating W.B. Yeats. I cried. I know, I CRIED.

There was this part of the exhibit where you could hear his poems being read and I was just really caught up in the moment and so I cried. The exhibition was great because items were donated by his son for it. I saw a lock of Yeats' hair! This might be creepy to you, but that hair used to be attached to the scalp of the greatest poet of the twentieth century!!!

The library was founded in 1877 by a government act. The library's first collections was the collection of The Dublin Society, a society whose goal was to improve vocational studies and arts and sciences. The library is not a lending library. Like the British Library, books are given to readers with a valid reader's ticket.

The library also includes The Genelogical Office and the National Photographic Archive in Temple Bar. For more information about the National Library of Ireland, click here.

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