Thursday, August 6, 2009

Camden Town loves you

And they have horses! That you can not get on... My two lovely friends here made the most of it though.

My camera takes awful pictures at night, oh well.

Last night Jenn, Kendra, Natalie, and Betsy (our new addition to the club) went to a club in Camden. It was like a barn converted to a dance club and in different horse stalls there were places to dance and hang out. We met some Londoners and they were sorta nice but also hated on Americans at the same time...? You get that a lot out here. "Oh American girls are so easy" or "Americans are thick" or "Americans are so extravagant" or "American tourists are the worst" etc etc. Sorry we won the war and you live on a tiny island. But get over it dudes.

I really do love the British people though. I just gotta stick up for the good ole US of A from time to time.

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