Thursday, August 20, 2009

Final Thoughts

Well, I've just gone through this blog and edited my academic entries so that they can be graded.

After almost two weeks away from London, I can say that this was the best experience in my life so far. I hope that life only gets better for me, and I know that if it does that this trip was the catalyst for everything.

Some memories I'll keep forever from this trip:

Falling on the train while trying to get to the dining car, and Bookie falling from laughing at my fall.

Joe Wisdom - maybe the world's coolest librarian.

Finding out that my iPhone has a subwoofer.

Raggae party on the Thames - I got hit by a wheelchair!

Sticky Toffee Pudding

The couple I ate Sunday Roast with who taught me how to have a perfect English accent - by trying to sound Australian.

Hearing Michael Jackson everywhere.

The Karen Millen dress...

Discovering Flight of the Concords.

"Please mind the gap."

Touching a Shakespeare First Folio.

Going to see Coco Before Chanel at the Barbican.

All the great friends I made.

Getting to see Big Ben everyday and especially getting a beautiful painting of Ben along the Thames.

Seeing the Oscar Wilde statue for the first time.

Gasping at portraits and the National Gallery of Ireland.

Meeting Euan at Edinburgh Castle.

Doing whatever I wanted and not worrying about my daily life.

I know that I will definitely go back. I go through periods where I am a little depressed about not being there now, but it's good to be home. One day though, if everything works out for Nicole and I, London will be home. I can't wait to call that great city home!

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