Sunday, August 2, 2009

I was right about Dublin

I knew it would be the most amazing place in the world. After reading so much of the literature from here duing my time at BYU I've wanted to come to Ireland and explore Dublin. I feel like I'm in a dream right now...

My first day started off with a bang. I went to The Abbey first and got a ticket for that night. They are performing The Rivals by Sheridan right now. It was fantastic. They took a Gregorian period play and were able to bring in some of today's technology into it in a really clever way. The play was hilarious and one that I hadn't read before so yay.

After I got my ticket I went to St. Stephen's Green and found the most beautiful park in the world. I then went to Merrion Square and found "The Fag on the Crag" AKA Oscar Wilde statue. So amazing. I went to the National Library (which I will write more about later) and one of the National Museums. I also went to the National Gallery and found out that John B. Yeats (father of W.B. Yeats) is my new favorite painter.

More pictures and detailed posts to come later as I am paying for this internet right now.

The second day was a waste and not a waste at the same time. I went with some of the girls in our group also staying in Dublin to Cork... which was too far away for a day trip. Oh well. It rained and was cold. We got over it. It was fun to at least be with my friends. That night at the hostel was not good however...

So I woke up yesterday and booked a hotel room for the rest of my stay. I had enough money to afford it and I didn't feel hostel dirty anymore. :)

Yesterday I went to the Marsh Library and St. Patrick's Cathedral with Kendra. AMAZING. We met with Emily and went to Trinity to see the Book of Kells. Tourist overload but worth it.

We went shopping and then sat down at St. Stephen's. I really love that place. I checked into my hotel and then met the girls at BOBO - greatest burger of my life. Picture to come soon. The happiest cows (and tastiest) live in Ireland.

Then we went to the Library Bar - fitting. Had a fantastic (and very long) conversation. I took a taxi ride home and was taught life lessons by the driver. Apparently I'm too pretty to ever let my guard down. Not in this city. Not in any city. Not even in Kentucky. I must always guard myself. It was like riding home with my Irish dad or something.

I love the Irish. Anytime I ask for anything, they help me out and always ask, "Where you from?" The Irish know more about Kentucky than the English do, as in Jack Daniels DOES NOT come from Kentucky.

Anyway, it's awesome. I'm getting ready to head to Dublin Castle, then the Dublin Writers Museum and who knows what else. Tomorrow morning I fly back to London so I'm going to soak up all of Dublin that I can. Who knows when I will be back - but I will be back (Terminator voice lolz)

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  1. that guy was just hitting on you it sounds like