Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keats House

Today I traveled to Hampstead which is in the north part of London with Lauren to see the Keats house, where the Romantic poet John Keats lived for some time. We both thought there were original manuscripts there so we were a little disappointed but the house was still beautiful and walking around the Hampstead area was really nice. It's a cute neighborhood. The Hampstead tube station is the one that's deepest in the ground. There is a sign saying that if you take the steps it's 320 steps so please do so only in emergency situations. We took the lift :)

Afterwards I wandered around Oxford Street so that I could find the perfect gift for my brother (hey, any excuse to go to Oxford is a good one). Once I finally found something I thought he'd like I came back home to a chill evening eating pizza with Christina and Kendra.

We only have two more days in London. I'm a little sad about it. I've made such good friends here and have been able to see and do things I never thought I'd actually get the time or money to do. I've been blessed in a lot of ways on this journey.

I bumped into Dr. Welsh today with some others and she said that this experience has set us on a path that we don't know yet. In other words, coming here to London will affect the rest of my life. Decisions I make, people I meet, opportunities that come my way will have something to do with the time I've spent here. I'm just excited to find out what else is in store for me!

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