Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Last Time

... at UNIQLO

I loved it! I got a skirt and some tops and I also got a pair of shoes at Topshop. I think my clothes shopping is complete. I think.

I went with Bookie and her daughters and good friend Shelby. Such good Kentucky company!

After shopping ourselves to death we went to Fortnam & Mason for tea and lunch. I got scrambled eggs and salmon. Really good. The salmon was raw which was fine, but I can handle only so much fish in one setting. I don't regret it though. It's fun to order things I don't usually get at home.

Tonight will be another lazy night I think. My body and mind are starting to ware down after 3.5 weeks in Europe. Unfortunately when I get home, I have to travel that week to Nashville for business but hopefully after that I'll get to RELAX!

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